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27/08/2015 14:20:53

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Hi everyone

I'm not related to a Holroyd, but I've been researching Bethel Holroyd (1804-1874) of South Crosland as I've found out he built the house that I live in near Netherton (and also a number of other rows of working class housing in the Huddersfield area).

I've put what I've found about him here https://huddersfield.exposed/p/7c3 but I'm struggling to connect his parents (Joseph & Mary) to other stone mason Holroyds of the late 1700s and early 1800s, so I was wondering if anyone out there had already done some research into that surname?
There seems to have been a cluster of them in the Lingards Wood/Chain area above Marsden during that period.

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Home » Surname Help » Holroyd (stone masons & builders)

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