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Home » Surname Help » John Hardy - abt 1749 from Thornhill, Dewsbury

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20/09/2016 20:52:41

Val Blease
Val Blease
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I wonder if anyone can shed any light on my 5th GGFather - John Hardy. I know it's a fairly common name, but I am trying to find his baptism or any of his siblings. I have the following information:
He died on the 6 Feb 1835 at Thornhill, Dewsbury aged 86 - place is Briestwisle in his will, Briestfield in the burial PR (is this the same place?). I have his will which confirms we have the correct children and he leaves money to his wife Ann.
I have a marriage on 29 Oct 1775 at All Hallows, Kirkburton to Ann Brooke, where the Marriage PR states he is from Thornhill, and I am 'assuming' (I know a bad thing to do) that this is my John. If so then we know that John was at Thornhill in 1775 and Ann was from Kirkburton. I have a 'most likely' burial for an Ann Hardy on the 24 Nov 1832 at St Michael & All Angels, Thornhill, living Briestfield - aged 83 which ties in with when John wrote his will on the 2 Jan 1832.
I know that there were 2 John Hardy's baptized in Kirkburton (one 20 Apr 1750 to father Thomas of Thurstonland & another on 3 Mar 1750/51 to father William, also from Thurstonland), and I also know that there are children baptized in Kirkburton from about 1776 onwards to a John Hardy - the years are consistent with one father, but that again is speculation and could be both John's - again all from Thurstonland, so again assume they are not my John's children.
My problem is the following:
No baptisms found of a John Hardy in Thornhill.
2 baptisms of a John Hardy in Kirkburton.
Could one of these baptisms be 'my John Hardy' - even though the age at death would have been 83 or 84 (I know that they could easily get their age wrong when they were buried).
If anyone has any information about the 2 John Hardy's of Thurstonland born in 1760 and 1751 that might narrow down my search it would be most helpful. Or if they know of other John Hardy's around the Thornhill area around 1750's.
Thanks a lot.
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Home » Surname Help » John Hardy - abt 1749 from Thornhill, Dewsbury

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