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Ask others for help on certain Surnames
23/09/2017 08:26:37

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I wonder if anyone can help me please? I'm currently researching a family called Swallow, my direct ancestor being Joseph Swallow who was christened on 25 March 1656 in Bradfield, Sheffield. Joseph's father is recorded as being Richard Swallow but I have found no record of Richard in Bradfield prior to this date. However, there is a record of Richus Swallow being christened in Almondbury on 9 August 1629. I have also found a record that Joseph's mother was Grace Blackburne, and records of Gracia Blackburne being christened on 22 February 1628 at St Peter's in Huddersfield, Gracia Swallow (father Johnis Blackburne, mother Sibelle Swallow) on 17 August 1628 at St Peter's in Huddersfield and Gracia Blagburn on 16 March 1633 at St Peter's in Huddersfield. A Richardus Swallow and Gracia Blackburne are recorded as being married in Almondbury on 18 July 1654 with the marriage of a Richardus Swallowe and Grace Blagburne being dedicated at St Peter's in Huddersfield on 25 July 1654. If anyone has any information regarding the Swallows or Blackburn families in Almondbury or Huddersfield, I'd be grateful if they could post a reply.

Thank you.

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Home » Surname Help » if anyone can help me please?

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