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24/11/2017 15:26:20

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my Kenworthy family research has hit a brick wall! Can any of you please help?
My direct ancestor is Thomas Kenworthy christened 21 Nov 1773 in All Hallows Almondbury, he was apprenticed in 1781 & went on to be a mill manager in Shelley Woodhouse. We have very good records and info for Thomas and his decendants. We have however very little on his antecedents. This is because his mother was the infamous STRUMPET mentioned in the parish register at his christening. She is named as Susannah Kenworthy but this is all we have. We have no record of Thomas' father (so we take our Kenworthy name from his mother), or his grandparents etc. There is a Susana christened 16 May 1751, father John Kenworthy and all our Kenworthy family trees seem to take this to be our Susanna. We think she gave birth to Thomas in the Honley/Thurstin area possibly in the workhouse, maybe she was disowned by her family who must have lived nearby it being neccessary for her to give birth in her home parish. Some of us think she maybe died in 1781 (from a record of Burial 22 April 1781) which would explain why Thomas was apprenticed at the age of only 8. Really anything we come up with regarding Susanna Kenworthy & her parents etc is all conjecture. Has anyone come across her & Thomas around 1773 - 1781 in workhouse/poorlaw records for Honley or Thurston or nearby? Any mention of her father John in Honley?
While I'm here has anyone established who the Kenworthy's are who Arthur Jessop frequently mentions in his diary? Again I think there is a Honley connection, Jessop's family were from Honley & so it would make sence that his friends the Kenworthys were also originally Honley people. And if so possibly related to our Susanna - eg the John Kenworthy mentioned in the diary who marries Dr Wilsons daughter Hannah (Kirkburton July 16 1745) could have been a Honley Kenworthy and the father of Susana (her siblings being Sarah 1745, William 1748 & John 1754).
There are Kenworthy's all over the world stumped by the strumpet. Any new info would be very gratefully received.
With thanks
Simon Kenworthy.
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Home » Family History Help » Kenworthy family

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