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06/11/2018 09:52:49

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I have a family living at Spring Place, Longroyd Bridge in the 1841 census but haven't been able to find it on an old map. The addresses on the census after Spring Place are 'between the two bridges' and Longroyd Lane, so I wonder if Spring Place became Fenton Square? A member of the family died at Fenton Square in 1849.
Would welcome any input
kind regards
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07/11/2018 18:38:55

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Hi Sandra,

According to the 1841 Census Street Index, Longroyd Lane was enumerated in Piece 1275, Book 10, folios 38 and 42 - 44;
while Spring Place was enumerated in folios 39 - 42. That suggests Spring Place was either part of, or just off, Longroyd Lane.

It cannot have been an earlier name for Fenton Square as that place was also enumerated, in folios 33 - 34.

The earliest large scale map to which I have access was published in 1851, and there is no Spring Place marked on that.
The WYAS has a map of 1838 ; but it spans from Longroyd Bridge to Aspley, so may not be detailed enough.

Failing that, The Hudds University Library may have an early map. If Dave Pattern doesn't see this post, it might be worth sending him a PM.

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Home » Local History Help » Spring Place, Longroyd Bridge

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