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04/12/2018 13:56:10

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Hello All,
I'm a new member to the group, Originally from just outside Barnsley, now living and working in Central London.
I'm researching my mother in law's to be family history, along with my own.
Her Grandmother was born in Southern Germany 1875, and at some point(?) met and Married Thomas Walls (1871-1952), around 1900 she married and moved to England, they settled in Huddersfield.
Where there children Albert & Dorothy were born (1901 & 1904), Albert then married Rose Turner and they had Barrie & Dorothea, and it's Dorothea who is my future mother in law (just to give you the full picture).
So back to Lina (Lena) to spelling of her name is open to various names at the time, and who wrote it down, also not sure how good her English would have been. We have been told, but never been able to establish one way or the other, that at some point she was supposed to have been in the service of Queen Victoria in the Palace in Southern Germany, she lived in the right area.
The help I'm looking for though is a little closer to home, Lina died in September 1945, again we have been told that she might have been the victim of an attack, as she was either pushed or fell down a flight of stone steps close to where she and Thomas lived, Chapel Street Taylor Hill. She died either later that same day, or the next day.
Any ideas, local press clippings or the like that might hold records of such, Coroner's maybe
Thanks in Advance.
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Home » Family History Help » Lina(Lena) Sinn(Zinn)

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