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17/12/2018 08:25:14

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I am hoping that someone may be able to help me locate the parents of Ann Mitchell (born 1806, died in Honley 1832). She married John Goddard on December 11th 1826 in Almondbury. She had two children with John - Joseph Goddard born 1828 and baptised at St. Mary with Brockholes and George Goddard born 1830 died 1832). After Ann died in 1832, John re-married Lydia Midwood in 1833 (Kirkheaton) - they subsequently emigrated to Australia in 1841.

I have been unable to locate with any certainty who Ann's parents were. I think her father's name was John Mitchell and her mother possibly Ann Brook but this is supposition from parish records online. There may also have been a sister to Ann - a Mary Mitchell born 1797, but again I am uncertain.

I would so appreciate any assistance or advice as to where to research as I am currently based in Sydney.

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18/12/2018 10:46:04

ya jan
ya jan
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Thanks for your enquiry and I cannot promise any answers however... some time ago the Research team was asked if we could connect someone's Mitchell ancestors with R.J. Mitchell who was responsible for the WW2 Spitfire as it was believed his relatives came from the Huddersfield area. It had been decided that he looked like their relatives so could we find the link. The short answer was no, well we did but not through the Mitchell family. Most of the Mitchells in Honley/Thurstonland were Millwrights and I believe your relative will be the daughter of a millwright, but which one.

When I searched back for R.J.Mitchell I became unstuck on a Uriah Mitchell, c.1814 millwright, born in Thurstonland/Honley - no baptism. I noticed that he called his first son Joseph, a possible indicator of his father but of course no guarantees. Ann has named a son Joseph, which would normally be the paternal grandfather so there is a possibility that it could be the name of her father. There is a marriage of a Joseph Mitchell to a Mary Haigh which takes place in Almondbury in 1803 so along with your possible John Mitchell and Ann Brook I would add Joseph Mitchell and Mary Haigh, just to bear in mind.
Happy searching.
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Home » Family History Help » Mitchell Family (Kirkburton/Honley) 1780?-1832

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