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09/04/2013 04:04:52

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In 1970 the remains of approximately 70 people were exhumed from the crypts under the Queen Street Chapel in Huddersfield and delivered to the Kirklees Crematorium for cremation. Can anyone tell me what happened to the ashes? I have requested information from the Kirklees Council Archives office, and the Kirklees Council Crematorium. Also from the Methodist Mission. No-one seems to have this information. This despite the fact that the operation was subject to strict conditions under supervision of the local Medical Officer of Health.
Here is the response I received from Kirklees Council Archives: "A copy of the License for the Removal of Human Remains (contained within the volume Exhumation of Queen Street Mission, Huddersfield 1970) states that the remains were to be conveyed to the Huddersfield Crematorium and be cremated. The report later confirms that the remains were conveyed to the crematorium over a period of 6 days between 2pm and 3pm each day for cremation. Unfortunately the report does not specify what happened to the remains after cremation."
I am hoping that cremation wasn't the end of the process, and that the ashes were treated with the dignity one would expect after any cremation. Perhaps someone can clarify the situation for me.
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edited by TerryW on 09/04/2013
Update July 2013: Kirklees Council advised that they have no records pertaining to the receipt of the remains or the disposal of the ashes. A copy of the Council's response to my inquiry inder the Freedom of Information Act is available from me on request supported by a brief outline of your interest in this.
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