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Home » Local History Help » Longwood Parish Boundaries

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03/07/2013 08:56:01

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For anyone researching the upper areas of Outlane, back of Stainland (Cold Acre area), Scammonden area (Rochdale Road area), Clough Head and above (Golcar area)..
It may be worth noting that this area is a nightmare area for trying to find family members! All the parish boundaries meet around the hillsides of Wholestone Moor, and the
area of Marsden Gate... The townships of Stainland to the north side of Wholestone Moor to Marsden Gate, Longwood Parish to the topside of Wholestone Moor, depending which
1854 OS map you look at the boundary does drop to the field walls just above Launds. The 1820s Golcar Enclosure does cover the Fields up to the very top of Wholestone Moor..
but the Parish boundaries are different!! Finding this out... i have found that alot of Broadbents.... under Longwood Parish in the registers.. and with confirmation from Launds Deeds..
and a few entries listing Launds , Longwood..

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Home » Local History Help » Longwood Parish Boundaries

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